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Keep the Sun Out and Interior Cool

Film Quality Matters

There are primarily three types of window film; dyed, metallic and ceramic. Dyed films may fade over time and do not have the same UV and heat rejection properties of metallic and ceramic films. For these reasons, we only sell and install high-quality metallic and ceramic window film products. Because of this we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the film and the installation labor. After years of window film installation, we know how to select and recommend only the best window film products.

Installation Details Matter

Our expert window tint installation technicians provide detail-oriented service to your vehicle when it’s receiving window film. For complex windows that have compound curves, we have innovative methods to shrink and mold the film to fit without gaps or bubbles. This ensures your optical transparency through the film is completely unaffected by any debris or deformities in the tint as it’s applied. We take extreme care in a dust and debris-free environment to ensure your window film installation goes right the first time.

Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Lower the temperature in your car while parked and recover a more comfortable interior temperature more quickly once you start driving
  • Save the interior fabrics and surfaces from unnecessary wear due to high sun exposure. This is particularly evident in rear windows and seats.
  • Reduce your skin’s exposure to UV rays (both UVA and UVB) which could help to avoid onset of skin cancer or other skin conditions related overexposure to the sun.
  • Add style to the outside appearance of your vehicle
  • With our window film, you also have the benefit of a lifetime warranty on both the film and the labor

Paint Protection Film

In addition to window tinting services, we also offer paint protection film services. This is a clear, robust film that protects the front painted parts of the vehicle from damage occurring from rock chips or road debris. Once installed it may be difficult to detect that there’s anything applied, but the extra millimeters of thickness allow rocks and debris to contact the film surface instead of the paint. Like our window film, we’ve chosen only the best paint protection film products. Some of the benefits include:

  • Computer cut shapes ensure an exact fit, just like a second skin on the car’s hood nose, front bumper and other areas of concern
  • Self healing properties keep the film smooth and uniform, even after being hit with road debris, sand and rock chips
  • UV pass through allows the sun’s rays to age the paint of the whole car at the same rate instead of showing a color line where the film was installed
  • A great choice for brand new vehicles or custom cars with multi-stage paint work that is otherwise difficult and expensive to match to fix rock chips and damage from road debris

Come by and visit us

The best way for us to recommend any window tinting or paint protection enhancements is to call us at (504) 833-2824 and schedule a no-cost consultation at our store. We can check out your vehicle and evaluate your windows, interior surfaces and paint to make thoughtful and effective recommendations for upgrading window tint or adding paint protection. We enjoy educating our clients on what’s possible and we look forward to serving you.

At Joseph’s Auto Toy Store, we offer many comprehensive solutions for automotive window tinting and paint protection film.  We also offer residential and commercial window tinting services. We choose the best window film products and have the most talented window tint technicians in the business.


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