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Start Your Car by Remote

Why not start your car from the comfort of your home or office instead of in the driver’s seat? It’s a reality we can make happen at Joseph’s Auto Toy Store. We can install a remote car starter system that cools or heats your car before you ever have to get behind the wheel. Our technicians can install these systems in just about any make, model and year of vehicle, even the newest vehicles with transponder-based security keys or push-to-start ignition systems. We can even make your remote starter system compatible with your smartphone and an app to start your vehicle anywhere in the world where you have service coverage.

With Remote Car Starters Installation Is Everything

When we install a remote car starter system for you, we ensure that all of our connections are done with high-precision and longevity in mind. We use the most up-to-date interface devices to connect into your vehicle’s electrical and data systems so that we can access and emulate the vehicle’s operational characteristics, just as if you were sitting in the driver’s seat turning the key in the ignition switch.

For those cars that have transponder-based keys, we can often emulate the presence of the key without having to install one of your own second keys (often called a valet key). This alone saves you on the installation costs, yet adds the security of not having keys hidden in the car. Our trained and skilled installation staff can take care of every installation detail. This is important so your car starts and runs just like the factory intended. Once you enter the vehicle, your own key ‘takes over’ the vehicle and the remote starter disengages while the vehicle remains running.

Safety Features

All of our remote car starter systems incorporate comprehensive safety features that will shut down the remote starter should unauthorized entry or attempts to operate without a valid key occur. If the foot brake is depressed without the key in the ignition, the system will shut down. If the engine over revs, the system will shut down. If the hood is open, the vehicle won’t remote start because there may be someone working under the hood. There are also other circuits being monitored while remote started so that any attempt to drive off without an authorized key automatically disengages the remote starter for safety purposes. Let us demonstrate one for you to show just how reliable and safe the operation really is.

Combine with Security

Many of our remote car starter systems combine security features, too. This is ideal for the vehicle that lacks any sort of comprehensive vehicle security coverage, both for the vehicle from being stolen and from valuables being stolen from the vehicle. Visit our Security Systems page for more information on the wide range of possibilities for vehicle security. Ask any of our product specialists how we can combine security features in your remote car starter system.

Range and Remotes

We offer systems that have extended range transmitters that can remote start your vehicle up to a mile away. Some remote starters feature two-way keychain transmitter/receivers. The two-way transmitter has a status screen to show whether the doors are locked or unlocked, whether the vehicle is remote started (and for how long) as well as many other features. Many of the transmitters offer a rechargeable battery via mini-USB and bright color screens.

Smartphone Control

For the ultimate in control, add an app to your Android or iOS (Apple) smartphone to control and communicate with your vehicle anywhere in the world you have service. You can additional features like tracking and car finder, as well as alerts via text message. All of this is available on most of the remote car starter systems we offer.

Call us and schedule a consultation

The best way for us to recommend the ideal remote starter for you is to call us at (972) 613-0096 and schedule a no-cost consultation at our store. We can check out your vehicle and match a remote starter system to your specific make, model and year of vehicle – even if you have complex transponder-based keys or a push-to-start system. We enjoy educating our clients on what’s possible and we look forward to serving you.


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