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When you have a rear seat entertainment system in your vehicle, you have the kind of magic that many rear seat passengers appreciate for those rides in the car. Whether driving across town or across the country, a mobile video entertainment system from Joseph’s Auto Toy Store will help keep the passengers occupied while you focus your attention on the road. We offer many options to suit your specific vehicle and we can fabricate just about any solution you wish.

Headrest Monitors

Our headrest monitors are direct replacement, factory matched upholstery headrests with integrated video screens from 6” to 9” diagonally. Some have integrated DVD and media players that accept USB, SD card and other inputs. The installation removes the original headrests, which you can keep in the event you resell the vehicle or wish to remove the mobile video system. The advantage of headrest monitors is that each left and right rear seat passenger has their own direct viewing screen and most of the time they can be configured to play individual source material. This keeps the kids’ bickering over content to a minimum. These systems typically come with wireless headphones to allow personal listening while the front seat passengers can enjoy what’s on the radio.

Where no headrest replacement solution is available, our expert fabrication department can modify existing headrests to accommodate video screens and appear as if it was a factory option. If headrest video is what you need, we can do it.

Overhead Monitors

Overhead monitors flip down when in use and neatly store almost flat with the roof when closed. This is a great option for vehicles where multiple passengers must view the screen because these are available in screen sizes up to 15” or larger. That allows a great view for everyone. Additionally, many
overhead screens have built-in DVD players and game systems. Like the headrest monitors, some also have media inputs for USB, SD card and 3.5mm jacks. The latest overhead screens even feature an HDMI input to connect to your Android-based phone’s output connector. In this way, you can use the Android device as the media source an display the content on the vehicle’s overhead screen. These systems also typically come with wireless headphones to allow personal listening.

Stand-Alone Screens

We can offer stand-alone LCD screens in sizes from 4” to over 24” that can be positioned anywhere you like. These are useful for vehicles in which replacement headrests or overhead screens are not a viable option. Whether it’s a limousine, transportation van or even a commercial vehicle requiring a video screen for work-related information, we have just about unlimited options we can offer you. Combine the screen with our extensive fabrication capabilities and it can be tastefully integrated and securely mounted to ensure both ease of use and safety for the occupants.

Custom Dash Fabrication

We can also custom fabricate screens or tablet devices (such as iPad or Android-based tablets) into the dash of a vehicle where none currently exists. This is a highly specialized service that we offer for those clients seeking something cutting-edge and unique. Contact one of our product specialists to get more information and evaluate if your vehicle is a candidate for a custom in-dash screen.

Tablet Mounts and Hardwiring

Should you already have an iPad or other tablet device that you wish to use as your rear seat screen, we offer secure mounting options and hard wiring for the charging cables so that the tablets install safely and remain powered while in use.

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