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With one of our in-dash navigation and video systems, you’ll have no need to ask for directions to your future destinations. Featuring robust, up-to-date maps and millions of points of interest (POIs), an in-dash navigation system installed in your vehicle will be a productive and useful tool to safely and efficiently get you where you want to go.

Why not use a Smartphone?

Many of our clients ask why not just use a mapping app on their smartphone for navigation purposes. The answer is that, besides having to hold the phone and the requisite unsafe distraction, an in-dash navigation system has the maps stored in the unit, so it does not rely on cellular service to have
accurate mapping of your location. This is especially important in rural areas where cellular services can be patchy or absent altogether. Additionally, in-dash navigation systems have screens arranged to change as you approach route milestones, such as intersections or freeway exits and display information in easy to read formats. Finally, if voice prompts are important, the in-dash navigation system ties into your car’s speakers to broadcast commands as necessary. While broadcasting navigation commands, the music is paused and muted, then picks up where you left off.

Installed Navigation Means Accuracy

In addition to acquiring multiple GPS satellite data to triangulate your position on the earth, our in-dash navigation units also have a built in gyroscope to gauge the rate of turn (are you getting off the freeway or making a hard right turn) and a wired connection to the vehicle’s speed sensors so that you have accurate data on the vehicle’s actual speed, not just calculated by GPS. This is highly effective in parallel roads where a freeway may be next to a frontage road and the in-dash system knows, based on speed and other factors, on which of the two you’re driving. That makes your maps and progress on your chosen route much more accurate.

Hotels, Gas Stations, Restaurants and More

With the millions of integrated points of interest (POIs) that include restaurants, gas station, ATMs and more, you’ll never have to wonder how to search and route to the chosen location; it’s automatic. Just browse the numerous categories on the in-dash navigation system’s built in POI database and in seconds you’ll have more choices than you can imagine. Refine your search by letter or distance and in no time you’ll be routed to your destination. This is especially for traveling or getting around parts of town with which you may not be familiar. If you have a family member from out of town, this is also helpful to assist them in getting around.

The Joseph’s Auto Toy Store Advantage

One of the significant advantages of purchasing an in-dash navigation system and install it is that we take the time to educate you on the complete range of features and functionality of the system. We find that many people under utilize their navigation systems because they may not understand the range of features and how to access each one of them easily. Generally speaking, there is a degree of customization for the screen information and how you prefer to see the navigation routes which we also help with. Finally, besides our lifetime labor warranty, our Alpine navigation units carry a full two year warranty (one year longer than normal) because we are an exclusive Alpine Flagship dealer. This adds peace-of-mind and high value to your in-dash navigation system purchase. We also offer high technology navigation systems from Pioneer, too.

Map Updates

When it’s time to update the maps, most all of our in-dash navigation units have updates available at no cost to you. Simply download the updates and load to an SD Card or USB thumb drive and the navigation system will recognize the files. Or we can do it for you. It’s just one added service we offer our valued clientele.

Come By And Check Our Our Navigation Options

The best way for us to recommend any in-dash navigation system is to call us at (972) 613-0096 and schedule a no-cost consultation at our store. We can check out your vehicle and evaluate your driving needs to make thoughtful and effective recommendations for upgrading. We enjoy educating our clients on what’s possible and we look forward to serving you.


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