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Vehicle security is something we take seriously at Joseph’s Auto Toy Store. Real vehicle security is more than a noisemaker with a blinking light on the interior. It requires thoughtful placement of the components and high security wiring techniques that thwart away thieves as well as protect your car. Comprehensive vehicle security protection is really two-fold; protecting the vehicle from being stolen as well as protecting its contents from theft. We’re experts at that approach and proudly install what we feel is the best vehicle security solutions in the area.

Full Protection

All of our security system installations feature a full spectrum of protected zones to ensure complete vehicle security and convenience. Here is a list of our standard features:

  • Loud siren – an electronic siren with unique tones is installed in a hidden location so that it’s not easily defeated. A secondary backup battery siren can also be installed to remain blasting should power to the vehicle be interrupted. Some vehicles may choose to honk the horn and omit the siren.
  • Flashing park lights – flashing the parking lights brings added visual attention to the vehicle when the security system is sounding. Additionally, the brief pulses of light upon arm and disarm mean it’s easy to confirm the vehicle received the commands from the remote control.
  • LED status light – an interior LED status light flashing while the security system is active is an additional indicator to thieves that your vehicle is protected. Many times, the presence of a flashing LED light will cause them to move on to the next car. It’s a first line of defense.
  • Impact sensor – also called a “shock sensor”, this detects impact to both the vehicle body and glass. This is effective in thwarting any smash and grab thievery, but also if the vehicle is bumped or door dinged in a parking lot. Some of our premium impact sensors offer two-stage protection where there is a lighter threshold impact of a short warning alert and the standard threshold of triggering the security system.
  • Starter interrupt – this feature electronically interrupts the starter in the event of a break in. This adds additional protection to any worry of “hot wiring” or forcing the ignition switch with a screwdriver.
  • Keyless entry – If the vehicle has existing power door locks, we can make them lock and unlock as the security system arms and disarms from the remote. This means you need only carry one remote to completely operate the vehicle’s security and locking functions. If your vehicle does not have power door locks, we can add them for an additional cost.

Vehicle Security Range and Remotes

We offer vehicle security systems that have extended range transmitters that can arm and disarm (as well as lock and unlock) your vehicle up to a mile away. Some vehicle security systems feature two-way keychain transmitter/receivers. The two-way transmitter has a status screen to show whether the system is armed and doors are locked or unlocked, if the security system has been set off (what set it off), as well as many other features. Many of the transmitters offer a rechargeable battery via mini-USB and bright color screens.

Combine with a Remote Car Starter

Many of our vehicle security systems combine remote car starter features, too. This is a benefit from starting the engine and cooling or heating the interior before the driver enters the vehicle. Visit our Remote Starters page for more information on the wide range of possibilities for remote car starters in your specific year, make and model of vehicle. Ask any of our product specialists how we can combine remote starter features in your vehicle security system.

Contact us today

The best way for us to recommend a vehicle security system that will meet your needs is to call us at (972) 613-0096 and schedule a no-cost consultation at our store. We can check out your vehicle and evaluate your overall vehicle security concerns to make thoughtful and effective recommendations for you. We enjoy educating our clients on what’s possible and we look forward to serving you.


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