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Driving Safe is Driving Smart

Safer driving is a constant struggle. With more and more interaction of portable devices and various other distractions, the on-the-go driver can sometimes lack the focus needed to stay as safe a driver as possible. The good news is at Joseph’s Auto Toy Store, we can help. We have numerous ways to enhance the safety of your driving, all of which are easy to learn or use. With the continued reports of children getting backed over or distracted drivers unintentionally causing accidents, there has never been a better time to learn about driver safety options.

Reverse Cameras

At Joseph’s Auto Toy Store, we can install reverse cameras in just about any make and model of vehicle. The reverse camera (also called a “back up camera”) offers you a visual image to see where you are going when in reverse. Obstacles and people are easily viewed, even in low light conditions. We offer three main types of high-quality cameras that can suit your safe reversing needs:

  • Factory-fit style camera – these are cameras intended to install in factory locations, or where the factory optioned camera would go if the car came with one. These have a high degree of integration, appearance wise because they look like original equipment.
  • Universal camera – a universal camera may actually include several different mounting styles, but the universal part is that it can connect to virtually any screen in any vehicle. These are great choices for vehicles with an aftermarket DVD stereo or where a factory fit camera is not an option.
  • License plate camera – we also offer reverse cameras built into a convenient license plate frame. This allows an easier installation, but does not provide as integrated a look. Still, for many classic or customized vehicles, this may be a great option because it requires no modifications to the vehicle sheet metal.


Camera Display Options

In addition to the camera, the choices of how you’ll view the reverse image are also dependent on your vehicle make and model, or the current equipment you have installed. Some of the choices are:

  • View camera on factory in-dash LCD screen – if your car came with a factory installed LCD screen in the dash, yet lacks a reverse camera, we can often install the camera to display the image in the factory screen. Additional interface devices or adapters may be required.
  • View camera on aftermarket stereo’s screen – for those with an aftermarket Double-DIN car stereo that features an LCD front panel, we can typically install a camera to display the reverse image on the screen while the car is in reverse. Afterward the screen reverts back
    to the car stereo controls.
  • View camera on rear view mirror LCD screen – we offer aftermarket rear view mirrors with built-in LCD screens that are an excellent way to display a reverse camera image. This is ideal for cars with limited dashboard space and that lack an in-dash method of display. This is often a great choice for muscle cars or street rods that do not want to clutter the dash with electronics, yet want a reverse camera.
  • View camera on a stand-alone LCD monitor – we can always install a stand-alone LCD screen typically 4-6” diagonally) so the reverse image is easily viewed. This is a great choice for large commercial trucks and other vehicles lacking traditional dashboards.

Reverse Sensors

Also called “back up sensors”, these systems use small, round high frequency ultrasonic sensors placed in the vehicle’s bumper covers and provide audible alerts when an obstacle is detected while the vehicle is in reverse. The sensor’s warning alert increases in frequency so that the
closer the obstacle, the faster the alert beeps. Many newer vehicles have the reverse sensor systems, but it’s very easy and effective to retrofit a car that lacks that important safety feature. Combine reverse sensors with a reverse camera and you have the ultimate in awareness of any obstacles behind you while backing up.

Lane Departure and Forward Collision Warning

We offer a robust Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system that helps to keep your car in your lane and mitigate forward collision concerns. The sophisticated system uses a camera, typically mounted behind the rear view mirror, to track your driving progress in real time. Using sophisticated algorithms and data collected from the vehicle’s speed and road icons (lane lines, signs, pedestrians, etc.), the system can alert the driver of departing a lane or getting to close to the car in front. The alerts are both audible and, with the optional display, visual.

This kind of driver safety system is incredible to see in action. It’s ideal for many commercial vehicle applications, but also for drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel on long trips or driving late nights. Certainly anyone who engages in phone calls, text messaging or other distractions is also a driver who can benefit from this incredible LDW and FCW driver safety technology. In fleet management applications, we can also add intelligent event data recording to analyze the driver’s on-the-road behaviors for potential insurance savings.

Allow Us To Demonstrate All Of These Driver Safety Options

The best way for us to recommend driver safety enhancement products is calling us at (972) 613-0096. We can schedule a no-cost consultation at our store. We can check out your vehicle and evaluate your vehicle’s safety gaps to make thoughtful and effective recommendations for upgrading. We enjoy educating our clients on what’s possible and we look forward to serving you.


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