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Let the Other Guys Get Speeding Tickets


Speeding is a fact of driving, whether or not it’s intended. Maybe you’re in a hurry sometimes or maybe you simply go nuts over the feeling of acceleration in our incredible sports car. It going to happen from time to time; the question is how can you mitigate your liability for speeding tickets? This is where our experts at Joseph’s Auto Toy Store can help. We have many solutions for both radar and laser speed detection that helps to curb your chances of getting speeding tickets.

Radar Detection

Radar is a common method of speed detection in Louisiana. The premise of radar is that a signal is sent to the speeding vehicle and reflected back to law enforcement’s device. Depending on the speed of this reflection, the law enforcement device determines the vehicle’s speed. This works much the same way a pitcher’s fastball is measured for speed in baseball. Because of the different frequency bands used by different municipalities, it’s most effective to have a multi-band radar detector. Our detectors offer the following bands:

  • X Band (centered on 10.525 GHz)
  • K Band (centered on 24.150 GHz)
  • Ka Band (centered on 34.7 GHz)

Many of our radar detectors have added features enhanced by GPS that track and ignore false triggers (such as X-band entry doors at grocery stores) as well as access a database of red light cameras, speed cameras or known speed traps to provide additional advance warning. We offer what we feel is the most comprehensive coverage of radar speed detection warning products available.

Of course the most effective way to utilize a radar detector to avoid speeding tickets is to correctly position and install the device to maximize coverage and provide ample early warning. Our expert installation specialists can certainly help to get the most out of your radar detector with helpful recommendations and advice, whichever style and features you choose.

Laser Detection

Laser is a specific type of speed detection used by law enforcement that directs a tight 904nm laser signal at the front of the vehicle, often from a distance that leaves the driver unable to slow down before they notice the speed trap. Like radar, the laser signal is reflected back to law enforcement’s laser device and returns a vehicle speed measurement. It also depends on law enforcement’s ability to point the laser at the vehicle accurately.

Typically the target area on the front of the vehicle is around 22 inches at a distance of 1000 feet, so having laser detection as a separate function or an integrated feature of an anti-speed detection device installed in your car is a great way to have ample warning to slow down. The effectiveness of the laser used by law enforcement is influenced by the ability to target the speeder when they are unaware and solid in a lane. Changing lanes is helpful if other cars traveling at similar speeds may be helpful, but the best defense is a good offense, which is a warning signal.

Laser shifters are an option available to add to your custom installed laser detection system. These are front mounted and optionally, we can add rear mounted units as well. We can even custom paint these sensors to blend in seamlessly with your vehicle. With front and rear laser shifters you achieve 360 degree protection of shifting the laser’s focus away from sending the speed detection signal back to law enforcement’s laser device. These do not jam the signal; they simply redirect it to be less likely to easily confirm the vehicle’s speed.

Lots of Laser and Radar Detector Options

We offer both windshield-mounted detection devices and custom installation packages that separate out the components for a completely hidden installation. Windshield-mounted detection devices typically install up near the rear view mirror on the front windshield and come with the necessary suction cup mounting brackets and cigarette lighter power cords. We can easily hard-wire the power connector for a more integrated appearance. The custom installation detection devices places sensors in the front (and depending on the options, rear) area of the vehicle while a small, integrated control unit resides in the interior to provide visual and audible cues of warning. We can even mount the radar/laser detector display hidden in the rear view mirror so that it is only visible when the warning messages and lights display, otherwise the mirror looks like a regular rear view mirror.

Optional custom installation interfaces allow some vehicles with a multi-function driver information display in the instrument cluster to display warning messages right in the factory instrument panel as if it were a factory-installed option.  Whatever your level of integration preference for speed detection warning devices (both radar and laser), we have what you need.

Come see us for a demonstration

The best way for us to recommend any radar or laser speed detection warning device is to call us at (972) 613-0096 and schedule a no-cost consultation at our store. We can check out your vehicle, discuss your driving styles and assess your wishes for integration into the vehicle so that we can make thoughtful and effective recommendations for you. We enjoy educating our clients on what’s possible and we look forward to serving you.


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