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ATV – UTV – Motorcycle Audio


One of the most popular vehicles to buy these days is called a side-by-side. This is also known as a UTV or ATV, and we at Joseph’s Auto Toy Store know them well. This gives you and some buddies a vehicle where you can tear up the countryside safely and have more fun than you would ever have in a normal 4×4 pickup. Life is good.


What can make owning a side-by-side even more fun? A great-sounding audio system, of course! Imagine this scenario: You have just spent the last few hours having the time of your life on your favorite trails. You insert some of your favorite music, loud and clear, with the bass pumping. Life just got better.


But here what else to consider. Think about all of the dust, dirt, water and grime your vehicle experiences during a normal outing. Couple all that with all of the shock and vibration from going over rough terrain. What that means to you are two very important things. You need products that can take the abuse of life in a side-by-side. And you need an installation that is designed to keep the products securely mounted with connections designed to last.

Joseph’s Auto Toy Store Is Your Side-By-Side Upgrade Specialist

Joseph’s Auto Toy Store is up to the challenge. Our team has spent decades designing and installing marine audio systems that are considered the finest in Texas. We have taken all of our knowledge and expertise, and are applying it to the side-by-side market.

Bluetooth For Greater Convenience

s2s2We know you will probably want to use your phone or other portable electronics device as your source unit for your music, so we have Bluetooth integration devices to get your music wirelessly into your stereo system.


Speakers, Amplifiers, And Subwoofers

s2s3You are going to need some great-sounding, reliable speakers – and we have the best-sounding, most-reliable products at hand. And since you are going to want to jam, an amplifier is almost a necessity. Side-by-sides have very different requirements for amplifiers; they have to be small so we can fit them into safe locations. They also need to be extremely efficient, since the charging systems in these vehicles are quite limited. And when you couple that with the fact that they need to take lots of abuse, you want to choose someone for installation who understands this category well.


Custom Fabrication Is Our Specialty

Custom fabrication is more the norm than the exception on a side-by-side, so you want a shop that has a full fabrication facility and capable installers to give you a great-looking, reliable installation.

Lighting Is The Icing On The Cake

And what goes great with a new audio system? How about some upgraded lighting to increase your nighttime visibility? Once we have outfitted your vehicle with one of our lighting packages, the fun won’t stop at night any longer. If you want the over-the-top look, ask us about our LED accent lighting. It will truly separate your vehicle from the competition.



Whether you are looking for a mild upgrade to keep you entertained when you stop for a while, or a full-blown, concert-level audio system, we can help. Our team of experts will work with you to design and build the audio system that best fits your unique needs. Stop on by Joseph’s Auto Toy Store with your side-by-side.


Let’s look it over and start building you the audio system you have always wanted. You can also contact us here for more information about any of our products and services.


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